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Noggin, definitions:

  • In carpentry, a noggin, or dwang is a short length of material, usually wood, inserted between two studs, joists, and rafters or similar to brace a frame or to support a fixture. It is also the term for a brickwork infill-panel in timber frame construction.
  • A noggin is an archaic term for a small drinking cup, often one made from wood. From this, it is also used as a unit of liquid measure, , usually now of alcohol, equal to one quarter of a pint or a gill
  • A person’s head, English slang usage, “use your noggin

Invest a few moments in thinking.  It will pay good interest.  ~Author Unknown

Noggin Homes started 2004, with the core business being general Timber construction within the Garden Route area, South Africa.

The Garden route being an ideal area to showcase the unique and versatile properties of timber construction, some factors include:

  • Sensitive coastal vegetation requiring low impact construction methods.
  • Steep nature of slopes makes timber construction  a very cost effective method and lowest impact on site and terrain
  • SA Pine is harvested and grown locally, sustainable and renewable timber practices ensure commercial forests will always be a feature and industry of the area.

The philosophy of the company has shifted towards providing a holistic approach to sustainable building practices, timber construction being one of the elements of our approach.

“Treat the earth well.
It was not given to us by our parents;
it has been loaned to us by our children.”